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TWO YEARS of Ruthette's

This week will mark two years since the VERY first bridal appointment at Ruthette's. A very special girl that we will never forget came to see us on May 23 of 2017 and graciously let us begin to learn how to serve every bride to follow.

(May 2017 - Ribbon Cutting for the Shop of Fifth Avenue and the day our sign went up)

You'll notice that this is our third blog in two years...HA! Turns out that we, two business owners who are now each very lucky mothers of two, have to be very careful with our time and prioritize by necessity. Blogging just hasn't made the cut these days!

We have (somewhat) jokingly referred to Ruthette's as our middle child and it definitely has grown as quickly as the real ones do! We have been blown away by the response and support and grace toward us in these first two years. You can imagine the learning curve when opening any new business and a bridal store is no different. We have basically taken the 'learn as we go' approach and our customers have been along for the ride! We have received grace upon grace from every bride, even when things haven't gone as smoothly as we would like (which, thankfully, has been quite rare).

That being said, we have had SO MUCH FUN over the past two years. I'm sure all of you picture a dream world where happy brides come in with their closest friends and family and try on amazing dresses. And...that is basically what it is! (Plus a little of that dark and nasty stuff called taxes and payroll...) It truly is magic in a little store and we are so blessed to be involved in such a special time of these girls' lives.

So, in honor of our second anniversary, we are just going to share our favorite things about Ruthette's Bridal along with a few of our beautiful brides!

1) The Individuality of our Brides

Hands-down, the coolest part about this industry is that every bride is so unique. Most retail stores buy their products with the goal of appealing to the masses but at Ruthette's, we are choosing dresses for one special bride. While there are some that get tried on more often, it is so uncommon for brides to choose the same dress. They all just love different things and that is so fun for us because we love everything!

2) The Posse

It is very typical for brides to bring family and friends along to their appointment and boy, do they make it fun. In our experience, everyone is always so supportive of their bride and her desires. The sound effects as the bride walks out of the dressing room get us every time!

3) The Moment They Know

There is something so magical about seeing a bride see herself in her wedding dress for the first time! No, not everyone cries and has some sort of out-of-body experience but yes, it is lovely and we feel the butterflies right along with her in that wonderful moment.

Here are just a few of our beautiful brides from the past couple of years! We LOVE seeing pictures from our girls, so if you are a photographer or a bride, please send your pictures our way. ( We always need them!

Bride Haley in Wtoo Elise

Bride Hannah in Ti Adora 7552 and matching topper

Bride Lindsy in Ti Adora 7704

Bride Alyssa in Lotus Threads

Bride Erin in Watters Visconti

We can't wait for many more years of beautiful brides! Y'all come see us at Ruthette's Bridal in Canyon!

Ruthette's Bridal
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