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Marriage Is Evidence

Marriage Is Evidence

I have learned and witnessed a lot of evidences that point to the Divine God:

• The positioning of the earth that makes it the perfect temperature for life

• The fact that the DNA of two people can form together in the womb of a mother to create a living, breathing being with a soul and spirit

• The strength and faith of His believers who go through immense trials and have a joyful will to carry on

• Every morning that the sun comes up, only God can give that joy and opportunity

• One of my favorites, the design of the human body: The ratio of the mass of an electron to a proton is 1:1836, which means that a proton is 1,836 times more massive than an electron. Even with this mass difference, however, electrons and protons have the same electrical charge. Scientists suggest that if the electrical charge of the electron were altered by one part in 100 billion, our bodies would instantly explode [Barrow and Tipler, 1986, pp. 293, 296]. (If you believe your existence came about by something other than the Almighty God, you should chat with my friend Trevor Teel. He can show you some mind-blowing proofs.)

I see God's might and power every day in both big and small ways. It's everywhere. But there is one thing that proves Him to me time and time again…


Two people, with little to no connection in this world, meet and eventually form the closest human bond known to man. Yes, a mother loves her child, a daughter loves her daddy, a brother lives his sister, and heaven knows a grandmother loves her grandkids. God gives us blessed relationships with people that we love because they are simply our natural connection on this earth (and because sometimes they're really amazing). Yet, He has created a covenant relationship between two unrelated individuals who choose to love each other and form an indescribable bond. Key: They CHOOSE to be in this relationship. We don't choose our siblings, our parents, or our silly cousins. Yet God has designed this marriage relationship to be the closest connection a human can have in the world.

There is a person in my bed right now that I choose to lay beside every night for the rest of my life. There are things about his love for me that constantly surprise me. The things he does for me and with me, the things he forsakes for me, and the things I am constantly learning from him show a love that could only come from an all-loving God. Just a few examples: He gave me his last name, forever connecting to me and trusts me to take care of it. He entrusted me to carry his child and helped me deliver him into this world. He goes to work at 6:30 every morning and single-handedly supports our child and me financially, emotionally, physically and spiritually. He makes us cinnamon rolls every Sunday morning with homemade icing. He drives us EVERYwhere, no matter the time, distance, lack of sleep he's had or amount of liquid in his bladder. He helps me change out and clean my cartilage piercings about once a month because I'm too big of a weeny to change them myself. Y'all, why would anyone do that for someone?

When we were engaged to be married, I was 19 and he was 20. We got a lot of skeptics and a lot of loving support. In our pre-marital studies, someone told us that a lasting marriage is one of God's greatest testimonies to those in the world. Those who don't know God may not understand that he has created and taught us a love so strong, a love that acts, serves and seeks the good of others unconditionally, and a love that could not come from any random occurrence, or any evolutionary development.

This love can hold two people together for 60 years. The shattered heart of the poor widower left behind when his beloved spouse leaves this earth is all the evidence I need to know that those two people were created by a wonderful, gracious and loving God who put that love into their heart. He made it, sustained it, conditioned it and continues to show it to every soul He creates.

"Beloved, let us love one another: for love is of God; and every one that loveth is born of God, and knoweth God." -1 Jn. 4:7

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