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Perfectly Pinkerton

On August 17, 2013, I became Mrs. Seth Pinkerton. And yes, I’m still as giddy about it as I was that day: almost four years later. Let me tell you, it has been a wonderful life with Seth Douglas (and now his offspring). That day preceded the very best days this girl has seen in her twenty-three years.

For that reason, I want to share the happiness that was captured at our wedding, thanks to Mrs. Amy-Rose King. Her photos have been a perfect impression of the blur that day at Walnut Tree Weddings was to us and an awesome reminder of how very, very happy we both were.

Please enjoy.

Just so you know, Seth and I opted out of the ‘first look’ and he had to wait until the doors opened to see me on our wedding day. After that, he had quite the struggle to stop looking. After the wedding, our photographer wanted to take some ‘almost kissing’ pictures and it just about tortured him. He didn’t want to almost kiss. Needless to say, he wanted to actually kiss!

My dress, which I am still obsessed with and probably will be for all time, is Tara Keely from De Ma Fille Bridal in Ft. Worth, TX. Her store is the absolute cutest and was a big inspiration for Ruthette's.

For our wedding, I decided to foster my own design skills and create the stationary myself. I did the save-the-sate, invitation and wedding program. It was definitely the most fun I'd had designing and this project was really the starting point for my graphic design career and eventually led to my freelance business,


This ceremony was an absolute dream for me. Having not seen it until walking down the aisle, I had to have seriously been floating on clouds. The ladies at Walnut Tree surprised us with most of this and we couldn’t have been happier.

Yes, yes. Our little people completely fulfilled their adorableness duty. That awesome tutu dress came from the Alora Safari shop on Etsy.

And here are my lovely bridesmaids. I never ever wanted my girls to be clothed in the usual maid dresses. I couldn’t exactly put into words what I wanted them to be wearing, I just knew what I didn’t want them to wear.

So, our search started online and found the blush and gold-dotted, one-shoulder dress at JC Penny. This gave us a reference point when we all went shopping together and we were able to find 4 more beautiful gowns at an outlet mall in Dallas. There wasn’t necessarily a set plan and it may have caused my mother a tiny bit of stress. BUT…

All of my bridesmaids looked beautiful and their dresses fit their styles and personalities to a ‘t’. Everyone was happy and we all know that when it comes to bridesmaids, that can be difficult to achieve. P.S. This was a WAY cheaper route than the classic bridesmaid look.

Then, the guys. That one there in the middle…that’s my husband. :)

Oddly enough, when it comes to the groom and his men, I tend to have a more classic taste (opposite of the bridesmaids). Black just looks good to me, so that’s what I put them in. However, I did throw in a twist with their ties. Seth wore white to match me. All the guys wore a bow tie in the color of the bridesmaid they walked down the aisle with. Everyone else, the dads and the ushers, wore solid black. And don’t they look handsome?

One tip I would give to save your guys some temperature stress: This wedding was outside in August in West Texas. Since their wardrobe was all black anyway, I opted out of the vest in their tuxes and relieved them of one layer.

And there are my doors! My only concern with an outdoor wedding was the lack of ‘the moment’. Like I said, Seth wouldn’t see me until I walked down the aisle but that wouldn’t be near as climactic without a revealing moment.

Nevertheless, the ladies at Walnut Tree came through for me! This beautiful venue had only been open for a little over a year and Seth and I were very lucky to be their fourth wedding. I told them I really wanted to walk through doors (yes, my mom thought this was crazy) and they said, “Oh, no problem!”. They had a pair of doors in their barn! The coolest thing, though, was that they held out on revealing the doors until our wedding. So, our moment was that much more special.

One of my favorite shots from the day: the doors opened and you can see my handsome groom standing at the end of the aisle.

The reception area at Walnut Tree Weddings is in an old mill they restored and yes, it is absolutely lovely. It was just what I wanted in a wedding: unique, elegant and spiffy!

The awesome thing about this venue is that they did everything for us. I mean everything. They have a florist, caterer, cake maker, decorator, photographer, DJ and everything else that I cannot currently remember. Not only do they offer all of this, but everything they do is done extremely well. I wanted our centerpieces to be classy and dramatic and they perfected it.

And a dream come true, you can get Dippin’ Dots at your events. It’s extremely reasonably priced. All you have to do is visit the website and get in contact with a salesperson in your area. They deliver and pick up the packages you don't use. You can choose how many and what flavors you want. It is a great way to give your reception a pop (and please the kids!).

Ok, so the cake was never a huge deal to me. I just wanted something simply beautiful that tasted amazing. That is just what we got!

Something I did care about was the rose gold, sequin table cloth that I had to have from La Tavola Linen. It completed my decor and made me extremely happy. :)

Coke floats for the fairly picky, number one Coke fan groom of mine. And glass bottle Coke and Dr. Pepper to add some character for the very character-filled groom. He has a strange obsession with glass bottles and this filled his part of our reception with his personality.

The releasing of balloons was our exit of choice and I think it made for some awesome pictures. Probably not the easiest cleanup but thankfully, we were halfway to Tennessee when all that happened.

As my ladies and I were getting ready that day, we realized we needed a hashtag! My brilliant cousin, the bridesmaid in the shimmery, ruffled dress, suggested #perfectlypinkerton and we went with it! I've actually kept it in circulation for some of my married and family posts since then too.

With that, we were married! What a wonderful day it was. Many thanks to all of those that helped and chose to be a part of the beginning of Mr. and Mrs. Seth Pinkerton and the years since.

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